Religion Without Theology

“He who would have religion without theology would build a house without a foundation. The nature of God is the sole, solid ground on which to base our hopes for eternity, or our systems of morality. Let us not curiously pry into the inscrutable things of God. They are high as heaven, what can we […]

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Both Just and Justifier

“How God can be just and yet justify the ungodly, how he can condemn sin and yet let the sinner go free, how he can declare and manifest his awful righteousness, and yet be righteous in bestowing life on the guilty, how he can magnify the law and make it honorable, while yet its penalty […]

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God Does Not Lack Means

“God is at no loss for means, instruments or agents. Heaven and earth, sea and land, mind and matter are full of them. If there be need, he will send an angel, or a multitude of the heavenly host, and they shall do his work. Jacob saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, and […]

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“It is not only truth, but truth that can hardly be too deeply felt, that salvation is wholly of God’s mercy. None are heirs of salvation, but the vessels of mercy.  Grace made all the promises and grace will fulfil them. Grace provided a Saviour, and grace unites us to him. While life lasts we […]

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God’s Hidden Treasures

“The safety of God’s people does not depend on their number, wit, prowess or inherent strength, but on him, who has made them his hidden ones (Ps. 83:3).  He that touches them touches the apple of his eye, Zech. 2:8.  In the time of trouble he shall hide them in his pavilion:  in the secret of […]

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God is STILL in Control

“Because princes and rulers are under God’s control and accountable to him, the righteous may be very calm and quiet respecting public affairs even in times of distraction.  God presides in the wildest confusion.  Let subjects consider this and be comforted with it; for good princes and good judges, who mean well, are under a […]

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The Path May Be Rough, But…

“The path of the godly may be slippery and rough, but an invisible hand will hold their right hand, guide them with a wise counsel, and ultimately, after shame and wretchedness, lead them in honor and glory to that place, where they shall be received by him who was their highest good on earth….A good […]

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Live for Christ

“As Christ shall live and reign, be known, loved and adored eternally, let us take his yoke upon us, for it is light; let us receive him as the Lord our righteousness; let us richly partake of his Spirit; let us follow his footsteps; let us be kind to his people and cast in our […]

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Only Jesus

“In every sense of the term Christ sanctifies his people; he expiates their sins, he sets them apart to a holy use, and by his word and Spirit and providence he makes their natures holy (Hebrews 2:11). He is made unto them wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption (1 Cor. 1:30). Sanctification in every […]

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