The Golden Opportunities of Interruptions

  “Again and again during his earthly ministry Jesus was interrupted; namely, in his speaking to a crowd, conversing with his disciples, traveling, sleeping, and praying  The fact that none of these intrusions floor him, so that for the moment he would be at a loss what to do or what to say, shows that … Continue reading The Golden Opportunities of Interruptions


A Call To Sinners

“…it is only by the grace and power of God that sinners are able to accept the [gospel] invitation and along with it the salvation held out to them by God…  Here in Matt. 9:13 the glorious purpose of Christ’s incarnation and mission receives beautiful expression.  The passage makes clear that not to those who … Continue reading A Call To Sinners

Only God Can Change the Weather

“Much that is wrong on earth can be corrected.  There are mothers who dry tears, repairmen who fix machines, surgeons who remove diseased tissues, counselors who solve family problems, etc.  As to correcting the weather?   People talk about it, to be sure.  But it takes deity to change the weather.  It is Jesus who commands … Continue reading Only God Can Change the Weather