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How Can We Be Joyful When Our Loved Ones Are Lost?

by  of Grace Community Church on December 18, 2017

How can we have joy knowing that our loved ones are perishing? If we have unceasing anguish for our loved ones (Romans 9:1-3), it should drive us to earnestly pray for their salvation (Romans 10:1). God is ready to show mercy to lost sinners and we should pray that He would save and have mercy upon our lost loved ones.

I Threw Myself on Jesus’ Mercy, But Nothing Happened

by  of Grace Community Church on December 7, 2017

When people are pursuing Christ and say, “nothing happened”, they can either give up seeking and go to hell, or they can keep seeking Him until they find Him. Christ may even test us and not give us what we’re asking for immediately, but a person with faith won’t give up because they have nowhere else to go but Christ.

Many people say they are seeking Christ, but they’re not fully intent on seeking Him until they find Him. They’re not really seeking Him; it’s just a trivial matter to them.

Racism is Opposed to God

by  of Grace Community Church on July 8, 2016

The division that is created in racism is part of a system that is organized against God. Racism opposes the love of God the Father. Our greatest identity is not our skin color, it is whether we belong to Jesus Christ or not.

Excerpts taken from the full sermon, “Racism Condemned” preached on 12/21/2014.

Most People Will Go To Hell


by  of Grace Community Church on June 30, 2010

Tim Conway preaches a sermon on Matthew 7 and on the narrow way which leads to life that few people find. This was at the 2010 Youth Camp in San Antonio, Texas. The truths in Matthew 7 and Luke 13:24 are shocking to most modern day Christians and are unheard of to be preached, but they still stand as true and man must examine himself by such truths.

Christ is the Absolute Owner of Everything


Christ… is the absolute owner. Go out to your car this afternoon and you just stop in your tracks and look at it and you recognize that’s His. Look at yourself in the mirror those eyeballs in your head those are His. Your hand, it’s His. He can take it away from you.

Many of you are familiar with Abraham Kuyper’s quote: There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry “Mine!” It is His.

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