Christ’s Forge


“The hot furnace is Christ’s workhouse:  the most excellent vessels of honour and praise have been formed there:  ‘I have  chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” (Isa. 43:10).  Manasses, Paul, the jailer, were all chosen in the fire:  God puts them into the furnace, and chooses them there, melts them, and stamps them with the image of Christ.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 – vol. 2” p. 116 (v. 71)


The Restless Mind Is The Devil’s Play-ground


“The more the heart is replenished with holy meditation, the less will it be pestered with worldy and carnal thoughts.  The mind of man is restless, and cannot lie idle; therefore it is good to set it awork upon holy things.  It will be working upon somewhat; and, if you do not feed it with holy thoughts, what then?  All the imaginations of the heart will be evil, only evil, and that continually (Gen. vi.5)”  — Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 – Vol. 2” v. 97

The Soul is a Sponge


“The soul is like a sponge, always thirsting, and seeking of something from without to be filled; a chaos of desires.  Man was made to live in dependence.  Now, of all portions in the world, there is none worth the having, but God himself; nothing else can make you completely blessed, and satisfy all the necessities, and all the capacities, of soul and body.  …’The Lord is my shepherd:’  what then?  ‘I shall not want’ (Ps. 23:1).”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 Vol 1” p. 567

Your Eternal Happiness Depends On This


“…to choose God for our portion…is not a slight thing, but that upon which your eternal happiness doth depend.  It is the fundamental article of the covenant of grace; and the question God puts to you is, whether you will choose him for your portion; therefore he begins the commandments with this, ‘Thous shalt have no other gods before me.’  God is not your God, unless he be set uppermost in your souls:  he cannot be your portion, unless he be your chiefest good.  There is no possibility of entering into covenant with God unless you subscribe to this main article.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 Vol. 1” p. 567

God Gives What He Requires


‘No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him’ (John 6:44).  The great article of the covenant of grace is to take God for our God.  Now, all the articles of the new covenant are not only precepts, but promises.  The conditions of the covenant are conditions in the covenant:  God gives what he requires.  And therefore, as the great article of the covenant is to take God for our God, so the great blessing of the covenant is to have a new heart, or a new placing of our desires and affections.  Sin lieth in a conversion from God to the creature; grace in turning us to God again.  The change is mainly seen in fixing our chiefest good and our last end.  God gives his people a heart to close with him, and accept of him as their portion; to fix upon him as their chiefest good, and their last end.”  -Thomas Manton (Psalm 119 Vol. 1) p. 565

God’s Leashes


Thomas Boston, Works, Volume 1, “Of the Providence of God”:

God bounds sin, and restrains men in their sins, as he does the raging sea, allowing it to go so far, but no further. He has such a power and command over wicked men, that they are not masters of their own affections and dispositions, but many times act quite contrary to what they had firmly resolved and proposed…

God has a bridle in the mouths of wicked men, when they are under the most impetuous fury of their lusts, to turn them as he will, restraining and curbing in respect of some, and giving swing to others.



True Joy Only Comes From God!


“…such joy…is ‘unspeakable’ (1 Peter 1:8) and none can know the strength and sweetness of it till it be felt:  a stranger cannot conceive it.  …One drop of this is more than an ocean of carnal pleasure.  …This is a solid joy and comfort, wherewith a man may look death in the face with cheerfulness, and think of the world to come and not be sad.  Alas! a little thing puts the merriest sinner into the stocks of conscience.  He that makes it his business to add one pleasure to another, and spend his days in vanity, how soon is his mirth removed!  Therefore, if a man would choose a portion to have joy at the highest rate, he should choose God for his portion.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 Vol 1” p. 565

Desires Other Than God


“…there is enough in God to satisfy.  If our desires run out after other things, they are desires not to be satisfied, but to be mortified.  If we hunger after other contentments, they are like feverish desires, not to be satisfied,  but to be abated in the soul, for he that fills all things, hath enough to fill up our hearts.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119, Vol 1” p. 564

True Contentment Comes Only From God

Train enters the canyon
When You Trust In God To Carry You; You Can Sit Back and Enjoy the View

“Nothing can content the desires of the soul but God himself: other things may busy us, and vex us, but cannot satisfy us:  ‘All is vanity and vexation of spirit.’  If a man would make a critical search as Solomon did; he set himself to see what pleasures and honours would do to content the heart of man, and what riches and learning would do; he had a large estate and heart, and so was in a capacity to try all things, to see if he could extract satisfaction from them; yet he concludes, ‘All is vanity and vexation of spirit.’  Whosoever will follow this course, will come home with disappointment.  But in this portion there is contentment:  we need no more but God, and there is nothing besides him worth our desire.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119, Vol. 1”  p. 564

Choose God for Your Portion

the-end“Death blows away all vain deceits.  Then carnal men begin to perceive their error.  When their portion comes to be taken away from them, then what indignation they have upon themselves for the folly of their choice, how the world has deceived them!  A godly man hath the beginning here; then he comes to have a consummate and most perfect enjoyment of it.  Death cannot separate us from our portion.  Indeed, it separates us from all things that withhold us from it; but it is a means to perfect our union with God, and make way for our full fruition of him. …we should choose God for our portion.”  –Thomas Manton “Psalm 119 Vol. 1, p. 561 (Banner of Truth)