The Immediate Pleasure of Sin

88000000000243864_1920x1080Sin presents temptation as an immediate good. 

John Owen


Patience is Absolutely Necessary


“Patience is that grace by which the Christian bears the evils he meets with quietness and some kind of delight, without fretting and repining at God, or giving way to despondency.


Gourge: ‘They who have attained to some patience have need of more.’  Patience is not only useful, and in a sense needful, but it is absolutely necessary to the full and ultimate success of the Christian combat.


Owen” ‘He, that would abide faithful in difficult seasons, must fortify his soul with an unconquerable patience.’


Hedinger: ‘Impatience destroys all the fruit of the cross.’  Nothing is more opposed to patience than repining, murmuring, fretting and quarrelling with the dispensations of the Almighty.’ ”  –William S. Plumer, “Hebrews” p. 436