No Sense of God’s Presence


“The greatest (and most honest) saints have always confessed that they had to walk through many valleys with no sense of God’s presence.  [But] just because you feel that God is absent doesn’t mean He actually is.  Just because you can’t track His footprints doesn’t mean He’s not walking beside you.  If you’re a believer, that feeling of being alone is always an illusion.  Yes, always… [For] Jesus faced the full measure of our aloneness in our place and put it away forever.  By His death, He reconciled us to God, so that we can know He will never leave us or forsake us…  So when you can’t ‘feel’ God, be assured, He’s there.  The cross assures you that He is.  Nothing can ever separate you from His love.  He has united Himself, through His Spirit, inextricably to you.  And just as He has done in the great saints of old, the Spirit is likely doing His best work in you in those dark times.”

~J.D. Greear, October 2015 TableTalk