Revival in Lewis- Duncan Campbell’s Own Account


Scotland Needs Revival!

I come from a long line of Scottish people. Proud. Powerful. Lost. For many years now I have read of the downgrade in Scottish society and it saddens me.

Of course this can be said for the world as a whole, but Scotland is near and dear to me.

I remember watching the Revival Hymn for the very first time and it scared me. It shook me and rocked my religious foundations to their very core.

I remember listening to Duncan Campbell and staring in disbelief over how “God stepped down!”. Imagine? What must it have been like to have revival in the town of Lewis? Imagine having people, strangers stop on the sides of the road and throw themselves down pleading to an angry God for mercy?

To have the public houses closed down and the churches filled with repentant sinners.

I would be honored to be part of a revival like that one day, if God chose.

The problem is, we, for the most part can live without revival–can’t we? As long as we’re saved, that’s good enough, right?

I can still remember the feeling of gratitude toward God over how He saved me. The difference between my living a religious lie and actually being set free from all my sin. I felt the weight of my sin lift, never to return. And I’m not willing to help others feel that? I’m comfortable in my security and don’t want to be bothered by anyone else? The attitude of “They’re sinners and if God wants to save them, He will…” has crept into me on more than one occasion, and I am ashamed. The world is full of lost people and many of the elect who don’t even know it yet, and here I am safe and secure…and complacent.

I will pray for the salvation of Scotland, my bonny homeland. I will pray that God sends His fires of revival to this dark and oppressed land. May God show mercy upon whom He will, and may He receive the reward He deserves for His suffering.