That Tragic Situation Ends

” …the life of sin is a life of dissatisfaction. …it never satisfies… The life that people live outside Christ never gives them satisfaction; they spend large sums of money on it, but all in vain. That is because it is a life that stimulates, and draws out of us instead of giving to us. So […]

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The Restlessness of Sin

“But let us look at it also from the standpoint of the Christian man having peace within himself. Not only peace between him and God, who is outside him, but peace within himself! This can be divided into negative and positive aspects. Negatively, it means the end of the old restlessness. The first thing that […]

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A Spiritual Anarchist

“The natural man is a spiritual anarchist at all times; and nothing is becoming so increasingly evident in our modern world, as it falls away from God and from religion, as this element of anarchy and lawlessness and disorder that is coming in, in every realm of life, and leading to terrible confusion and chaos. […]

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A Law Unto Himself

  “A second truth about the unbeliever is that he is not subject to the law of God; he hates the law of God. The world is demonstrating that today. It hates even the very notion of the law; it hates discipline, and what it describes as freedom is nothing but license. Man by nature, […]

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Being At Peace With God

“‘To be spiritually minded is life and peace.’ What is the content of the term ‘peace with God’? The righteousness of the law can never be fulfilled in any man who is not at peace with God. The Apostle has already told us that fact about the unbeliever. We find it in verse 7 [of […]

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