The Trap of Sin

800px-Paiute_Deadfall_Trap“This is the fatal rock upon which millions of sinners have shipwrecked their souls, and lost eternal life and Christ together.  They are wedded to sin, and will live separated from Christ rather than be divorced from their lusts, for there is no enjoying of these together.  It is as possible to reconcile light and darkness, or join heaven and hell together, as to join sin and Christ together in one soul; the ways of sin, and the way to Chist, are as far distant as heaven and earth. You may as well expect to have your bodies both in heaven and earth at once, as to have your souls act sin and come to Christ together; no serving of these two masters.  Now because there is no coming to Christ without turning from sin, and most have no mind to part with sin, hence Christ has cause to complain of so many, ‘Ye will not come unto me.’ ”  –David Clarkson “Works of…” Vol. 1, p. 337-338