What is Christmas All About?

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Should We Have a Christmas Tree?

The modern custom of a Christmas tree does not come from any form of paganism. There is no evidence of any pagan religion decorating a special holiday tree for their mid-winter festivals, although the Romans celebrated the winter solstice with a festival called Saturnalia in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture. They decorated their … Continue reading Should We Have a Christmas Tree?

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The debate about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas has been raging for centuries. There are equally sincere and committed Christians on both sides of the issue, each with multiple reasons why or why not Christmas should be celebrated in Christian homes. But what does the Bible say? Does the Bible give clear direction … Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Celebrating the Greatest Gift Ever!

Some will refrain from celebrating Christmas this year but for me and my house, this is a glorious opportunity to celebrate the birth and incarnation of Christ Jesus. We have much to be thankful for and will give God the praise and glory He deserves at this time of year. Merry Christmas!  

Should Christians Observe Christmas?

by Don Fortner Without fail, at this time every year, I receive numerous letters, pamphlets, and tracts denouncing the evils of Christmas as a pagan religious holiday. I fully agree that no believer should ever observe pagan religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. We must never incorporate pagan customs into the worship of our God. … Continue reading Should Christians Observe Christmas?