The North Star And Heliocentricity

Heliocentric.jpgPolaris proves that the heliocentric model is pure fantasy. Polaris, the North Star, is fixed above the north pole of the earth. The North Star does not move; it has never moved from its fixed position over the north pole from the fourth day of creation (Genesis 1:16) until today.

The North Star is alleged by modern scientists to be 433.8 light years away from the earth. That means that a person would have to travel at the speed of light for 433.8 years before reaching the North Star. Light travels at approximately 186,282 miles per second, which is over 670 million miles per hour.

The diagram below proves the impossibility of the heliocentric theory. If the North Star is above the North Pole, it must be moving in precise and exact synchronization with the earth. The earth is supposed to be traveling at 67,062 miles per hour around the sun in a slightly elliptical path with an average radius of over 92 million miles (approximately 1.8 billion miles in circumference).


What makes the heliocentric model even more impossible is that while the North Star is supposed to be keeping itself in perfect synchronization with the orbit of the earth around the sun,the sun, itself, is supposed to be traveling at a speed of approximately 500,000 miles per hour around the Milky Way galaxy. Adding to the impossibility, the Milky Way galaxy is hypothesized by modern scientists to be racing through space at a speed ranging from 300,000 to 1,340,000 miles per hour. The heliocentric fairy tale gets even more fantastic; the perfect synchronization of the North Star with the earth finds its origin in a massive, chaotic explosion called the “big bang” that happened billions of years ago.

This insane fantasy (masquerading as science) of a spherical spinning and orbiting earth is so ingrained in the consciousness of the world, that any refutation of it is viewed by the world as itself evidence of ignorance and perhaps even insanity. Believing in a flat earth is immediately met with derision;the person is viewed as being an ignorant savage or part of a crazy fringe cult.

How did scientists come up with the fantastic distance that the North Star is from the earth? Simple—they made it up. There is no evidence to support that distance. It is necessary in the heliocentric model that Polaris be 433.8 light years from Earth.Indeed, the fantastic distances in the heliocentric model were simply hypothesized to explain how Polaris can be fixed above a careening and spinning Earth and why all the stars move in unison,without any parallax between each other. Parallax is the movement of one star in relation to another star that would be expected to be seen if the earth were spinning and orbiting in space around the sun.

What is observed, however, is no parallax between the stars whatsoever. With the exception of a few wandering stars, which today are called the planets of the alleged solar system, the stars move in unison, as though they are part of one great single mass. That proved to be a problem for the heliocentric model.Indeed, such movement makes the heliocentric model impossible. In order to explain away the lack of parallax, the priests of heliocentrism simply expanded the universe in their minds and scientific papers and argued since the stars are so far away that the parallax is imperceptible to us on earth. The problem with that argument is that no matter how far away the stars are, parallax would be discernable if the earth were moving. There is no parallax, because the stars are in fact within the firmament(Genesis 1:14-18), moving in perfect unison over a flat, stationary earth.

Chapter taken from The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe, By Edward Hendrie

10 thoughts on “The North Star And Heliocentricity

  1. Good article, I have that Edward Hendrix book on my Amazon wish list. A couple my favorites on this topic are the You Tubers Will at “the Truth is Stranger than Fiction”, Noel Hadley’s “Our Way is the Highway” and this website: He has wonderful, Scripturally based articles on true, Biblical cosmology. And lots of other good stuff. Check him out before he gets taken down…which from the looks of it may be soon. Seeing a bit of a purge going on.

    I also like Dean Odle’s You Tube teachings, although he is Charismatic and doctrinally I don’t agree with him along those lines. He’s got some great videos on Skyfall, the sides of the north and the holy mountain of God.

    Nice to see you writing about this topic…

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    • Are you one of them nutty flat-earthers too? Shoot! I know Elvis was one and I do believe Roy Rogers was from Venus…anyway…it seems I have opened up quite the can of worms over this heated topic. I never knew just how offended people can get until you start talking about this subject. I was roasted today by a Christian sister over this topic and I still can’t understand where all the anger come from. Anyway, I can send you an E-version of Zetetic Astronomy, The Earth is Not a Globe by SAMUEL BIRLEY ROWBOTHAM. If want it, just shoot me an email at

      Great book!

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      • Haha, yeah I am….only recently, past six months or so. I thought it was a ridiculous psyop…jokes on me I guess!

        Yeah people get really HOT over this. There’s a couple pastors I listen to a lot and have for years…Hoggard and Lawson…and David Cloud too…they’ve all come out flaming from the pulpit or Facebook. I still love them. The general themes are “nutty nutters”, divisive Flat Earthers, probably not even saved or backslid at best (that last one not from any of those men but on a recent exchange on one of their FB pages amongst others). Needless to say…I don’t say much unless I know I won’t get my head taken off. I don’t need to know some new thing, think I’m better than others or divide over it. I keep hearing that though. Yes, lots of anger. But I do think God is showing His people some pretty amazing things in these last days…and I’m thankful I could get out of my own way to see it. 😊

        I do have the Zetetic Astronomy book already, thanks though, got it on Amazon with my Gleason map.

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      • Gleason’s map! I purchased that too and they gave me the book as a gift. Awesome! Charles Lawson came out swinging the other day and it was, to be frank, sad. No data, no evidence, just emotion. But yeah, I do believe God is setting people like us apart from the crowd and teaching us the “real” truth. Kinda cool!

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      • Sadly we all, even our kids, were witness to Lawson’s upset at FE. All about “when Elon Musk sends men to Mars, what will you do” and so called Christian freemasonic astro-nots and “science falsely so called” was the message. I guess I don’t consider Elon Musk trustworthy, and for all his study into Luciferianism, I don’t know why he does either. Anyhow, we left a really horrible church about a year ago, we occasionally get to one about 45 minutes from here where we are welcomed, wonderful people…but many Sundays we livestream Lawson with a dear friend who left the same time we did. It was a hard spot to be in, to hear him say what he did about people like us. We are not divisive, the friend we fellowship with has no interest in hearing about FE and we respect that entirely. We had to tell our kids he was way off yet still respect his messages…but I felt bad for him too. I think there were goofballs online who were saying things about him that were not true and he retaliated. Same with Hoggard, someone put out a video calling him a Satanist because he believes in a globe. Those people do not help anything, that is for sure. You know, I believe what you do about being set apart, a remnant, it is cool and I often wonder just what we will see. And why we need to know these things. I pray often I won’t fail.

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      • Same here. I liked some of his sermons on Cern but when he started attacking Calvinism, and the sovereignty of God’s election, I turned him off. Just like today, on one of my posts, a dear friend who has been visiting my blog for years, ripped into me like a rabid dog! I couldn’t believe it. There’s more and more of this in the body where the devil convinces a brother or sister to back-bite, gossip or ridicule another. Then the seeds are planted and the division is complete. I’m very sad over it all.

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