10 thoughts on “Have You Been Lied To?

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  2. Has this guy ever been in an airplane? I have and anyone with eyes can clearly see the curvature of the earth. You don’t need science or scientists or government to tell you that the earth is round. How else do airplanes and ships travel AROUND the world if it’s not spherical in shape. How else can that happen if the earth isn’t spherical and rotates? He has valid and interesting points about the firmament, but the flat earth “theory” is a joke. And no, I didn’t finish the entire video. He lost me at 28 minutes in.


    • Hmm…I have seen many pictures of the horizon line and from one side to the next is straight. You seem very wise in many things, so I suggest you do not throw this out before you logically investigate it. I can send you a PDF version of a good book for you to read if you want.

      There’s too many things that point to the fact that we live on a flat disc, at the center of the universe. If you want to stay ignorant because you’ve been taught a certain thing for so long, then that’s your choice, and I respect you for that, but please just don’t block your ears off because this is a subject that has been ridiculed so much down through the years.

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      • It’s not what I’ve been taught, but what I’ve seen with my eyes. I’ve flown multiple times through out my life and that curvature of the earth is certainly there and it’s more pronounced the closer to the poles that you get. I live in Alaska. I’ve seen it.


      • Can you send me a picture of the horizon line taken from a camera without a fish eye lens? I had a friend visit from down south and I asked him to make sure he took some pics of the horizon line when he was at cruising altitude. He did and when he went to show me the pics, I asked him to tell me first if the HL was curved or straight. He said curved. I then asked him to look at the pictures he took and he was shocked to see the HL was actually straight.

        Here’s the book I mentioned. PLEASE read it. It will open your eyes to the fact that you have been conditioned and lied to.



      • I don’t even know how to take pictures with a fish eye lens…I’m very much an amateur when it comes to photography. I’ll see if I have any photos from flying.

        On the subject of the arctic, and antarctic, how do explain the length of darkness in winter and length of daylight in summer if not for a spherical earth?


      • Did you download the book? Please do. It will explain all of this much better than I can or have room for. Take a look at the two videos I just posted. Take some time and watch them.


      • I understand your desire for truth. I have the same desire, and it has gotten me into trouble over the years. I have seen my friend’s photos when he came up here, and have also inherited slides of photos my dad took in the 60’s when he was in the air force and travelling and they show a flat HL. I know what I have seen and have done much research.


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