A Gift and a Calling

383200_153395991502415_1785597833_n“Every man must have a particular calling.  …Every man is more or less intrusted with a gift, which he is to exercise and improve for the common good, and at the day of judgement he is to give up his accounts.  …if every man hath a gift for which he is accountable to God, he must have a calling… Besides, a calling is necessary to prevent the mischief of idleness, and those inconveniences that follow men not employed; standing pools are apt to putrify, but running waters are sweetest.  An idle man is a burden to himself, a prey to Satan, a grief to the Spirit of God and a mischief to others. He is a burden to himself, for he knoweth not what to do with his time. In the morning he cries, Would to God it were evening, and in the evening, Would to God it were morning–the mind like a mill, when it wanteth [lacks] work, falleth upon itself.  He is a prey to Satan…”  –Thomas Manton “By Faith” pp. 400-402


2 thoughts on “A Gift and a Calling

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