Evacuees Come Home!

imagesWe are finally home! yes, after almost three weeks in the presence of strangers, police, security and the unknown, we are finally home.

Not all is rosy. Our fridge needs to be cleaned out and deodorized, our window needs to be replaced, and we need to readjust to life alone now. We have been living, eating and associating with thousands of people on a daily basis. Now it’s just the six of us.

We did make new friends though. We met Christians and so-called Christians and ministered to all those who we could. We gave food and vouchers to those who had no help. We laughed and teased with those who needed a smile. Hopefully, we were lights in a very dark time.

Was it hard? Yes. Did we have moments of panic, worry and despair? Yes. But through it all, God was very real, very present and very understanding to the plight of these pathetic little souls.

Thank you dear friends for all your prayers. We knew we weren’t alone. God had His hands over us every step of the way, and you were praying. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Evacuees Come Home!

  1. Barry White? Ok, no comment. I hope you can stay at home, especially with laryngitis. But, unfortunately, we can’t tell the fires what to do. Just stay close to God, He will see you through.


    • Ohhh yeahhhh….we tried to go to work yesterday but Zabeth and I both felt like we were driven over by a truck and parked on, so we stayed home. I can watch myself going through the stages Zabeth went through and it will be uncontrollable coughing for me next. I already have a tickle in my throat.

      This is the third instance now where we as a family have gone through a stretching on the rack of God’s love and purpose. It’s hard and tiring, but knowing God is in control of everything certainly gives one strength, peace and hope.


    • We are too, but we are still on alert though. Which means we could be told to evacuate according to what the fires are doing. I hope we can stay, as I don’t want to go through that again.
      On a negative note, my wife and I have laryngitis. All of us have or had colds from all the sick people all over the place, but now my wife and I sound like Barry White.


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