Urgent Prayer Request

As some of you know, our van is getting on in years and needs a lot of things fixed and/or repaired on it.

This has become very apparent lately with the blowing of our tire on the highway.

When I took it in to get the van looked at, the mechanic gave me a list of things that need replacing NOW. This is just a list of things from the front end that were noticeable.

1) The rotors have pitting and grooving on them. $300
2) Calipers have moisture on them – (leaking? or something?) $400
3) The break pads are almost needing to be replaced. $200
4) left wheel bearing is almost shot $500
5) Alignment needs fixing $500
6) Right strut is gone $500
7) Power steering is leaking $500

Total $2900

We don’t have this kind of money nor do we have credit to borrow it. We need a reliable vehicle for work, errands and life.

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, this brother is calling upon you to search within yourselves to see if you can contribute something to help us get another vehicle. Please pray and seek God’s voice on this.

Our van is unsafe and if the wheel bearing goes while we are trying to get to work, we will be in a serious accident.

This is the link to our Go Fund Me page.


Please give. We need your generosity to continue on.


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