Being a Dad: The Hardest Job in the World

I used to think that it was the mom who had the hardest job in the world, but after having four kids, and the responsibilities I have in providing, guiding, protecting and disciplining, I know that it is I and those Dads that take their job seriously, who have the hardest job.

153544668515177894_h29W2KGH_fTruly, in a biblical household, it is the dad who has a tremendous burden on his shoulders. It is the dad, who guides, directs, provides and loves even his wife. As he goes, the family goes. Feminism has taught us that it’s the woman who has the hardest job. Granted it would take a small army to get me to give birth to a child, but it’s the dad who is responsible for the safety of the family. It’s the dad who must provide for the family (moms are needed at home). It’s the dad who is supposed to make the hard decisions and then live with the consequences, good or bad.

Dads…on this day where we celebrate you, remember, you are the most important b4c96326fc611dbe28ff1864b8fed2c6aspect in the family. You are the citadel, the watchtower, the barricades that keep the enemy at bay. Your family (whether they know it or not) look to you for guidance and direction. It’s you. No one can take your place.

FathersDay20images (1)
super-dad-father-s-day-t-shirt-4Happy Father’s Day big guy!


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