Mistranslations of the Words “Father” & “Son” in Bibles for Muslims – Open Letter from an Arab Pastor

Well said, and much needed if we are to reach Muslims with the truth of God’s pure Gospel.

jesaja 66:2

Insider Movement Translations and Gospel Messages

To the Church of Jesus Christ around the world,

We write to you about an urgent and important situation with which we need your help:

About us:

  • We are Arabic-speaking evangelical pastors and leaders.
  • We desire to see Jesus Christ glorified and the gospel preached to all peoples throughout the earth.
  • We desire to make the Bible available to all people in a language they can understand, through accurate, effective, and relevant translations.
  • We desire to see unity in God’s kingdom and harmony between Christian churches and organizations around the world, and are committed to building peace within the body of Christ.
  • We believe that, for the sake of truth and unity, the global Church must be alerted in cases when the Word of God is being distorted, leading to theological heresies, controversy, and damaging the reputation of the Bible, its accuracy, and the…

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