Sanctifying Grace

26000000000361288_1920x1080(“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872)

“You shall call His name Jesus–for He shall save His people from their sins!” Matthew 1:21

Jesus! Precious name, how sweet it is! How well it befits Him who bears it–and how glorious is the salvation which He accomplishes!

Misery is the natural consequence of sin. Everything that God enjoins is good–and everything that He forbids is evil. Jesus saves His people from their sins–and so saves them from misery. He died to atone for transgressions. He ever lives to save His people from the power and practice of sin–yes, and eventually from the verypresence of sin.

My soul, let your whole trust be in Jesus, not only for deliverance from guilt and its consequences–but from sin in its manifold workings. You are powerless against your inward corruptions–but Jesus is “mighty to save.” He can subdue your iniquities. Trust Him then, for sanctifying grace, as well as pardoning mercy!

Dwell much on all He did and suffered for you. In His agony in the garden of Gethsemane, and on the cross at Calvary–see something of the exceeding sinfulness of your sins, from which He died to save you.

“He will subdue our iniquities–and cast all our sins into the depths of the sea!” Micah 7:19

 Jesus’ blood, for sinners spilt,
Shows my sin in all its guilt.
Ah, my soul, He bore your load,
You have slain the Lamb of God!

Farewell, world–your gold is dross!
Now I see the bleeding cross!
Jesus died to set me free,
From the law, and sin, and thee!

   ~  ~  ~  ~

God’s tools and instruments!
Thomas Brooks, 7 minute video, SUPERB!
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