Please Continue to Give


The time is fast approaching where we will have to go and attend to my dad’s needs, and we still haven’t received nearly enough to make the trek.

I hope each of you reading this understands what is happening here. My dad doesn’t have much time left. He is old and is dependent on medical help to get him through the day.

He is being put into a home that is for those who can’t afford a retirement home. We will very shortly need to go there and take care of his stuff, his car, his needs. He cannot do it himself and we are all he’s got now.

He had two brothers and they were very close. They both died recently, leaving my dad alone.

When the day comes, when we will need to go to him and either help him with his transition into a home or attend to funeral plans, we need a proper vehicle and living expenses to get by on.

My van is a 1998 Toyota Sienna with over 350, 000 kms. It is on it’s last legs with the power steering being the next thing on its way out. My van won’t last the trip and if we try, I am afraid we will end up on the side of the highway somewhere stranded.

Can you give $100? How about $50? $20? $10? Is it that hard to gather some money together for a good cause? Or would you rather not give and have strangers taking care of my dad in his final hours?

How much do you spend a day on fast food? Coffee? Entertainment?

Can you find it in your heart to sacrifice just a little?

It will mean everything to my dad if he knows that his family is there with him in this time of trial and hardship.

Please give if you care…please.


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