Please Help!! The Bayne Family Need Your Financial Assistance


Bayne Family

Today we received a letter telling us that Paul’s Dad was in intensive care at the West Coast Hospital in Port Alberni. He had broken his hip and had received surgery but is not doing well and has been transferred to the intensive care unit.

Earlier this year we left our rental home and put all our things in storage so we could make arrangements for in home care or to find a care home that could support his medical needs. He refused at that time to accept any support.

Things have now changed and we are needing to travel back to Port Alberni. We have been asked to clean out his apartment. We are not sure at this time if he is going to be able to ever leave the hospital. If he is able to then we are needing to find a care home that can support his medical situation and then move his things there.

We are asking for support as this trip is exceeding our financial capacity.

We need to have a reliable van to take the trip.

As we would need to have someone take our place for that time on our work contracts we also need support to cover our rent while on the trip and also to hold the place we are currently renting as during this time we would not be bringing in an income as it would need to go to the person(s) taking over our contract.

Travel expenses are also an extra expense in this situation.

Once we are there we will have the costs for either moving Paul’s Dad to a care home or for clearing out his apartment should he have to remain in the intensive care long term.

This is an unexpected emergency for which we are not able to  tend to alone.

We greatly appreciate any support at all you are able to give. Please click the link below. Thank you kindly.
Please help, share and spread the word!



    1. Thanks Doreen, it’s been a hard, hard road…and worst of it is, my dad’s not saved and doesn’t want any part of God Imagine?!

      Thanks again for your loving donation.


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