The Path May Be Rough, But…


“The path of the godly may be slippery and rough, but an invisible hand will hold their right hand, guide them with a wise counsel, and ultimately, after shame and wretchedness, lead them in honor and glory to that place, where they shall be received by him who was their highest good on earth….A good man’s hope is not in bodily vigor, no in anything natural, but in him who gives us the victory over death and hell and all our foes. … Communion with God, accompanied by trust in him and a heart to declare his doings, is the life of our lives.  It is the chief attainment of our earthly existence. …As each one of us must soon pass away, heart and flesh failing, let us both labor and pray for the needful preparation for our last, great, solemn change.”  –William S. Plumer “Psalms” (Ps. 73) p. 718


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