Believer, What Happens When You Sin?

What makes you doubt your salvation? Many will say, “When I sin I doubt my salvation.”

“When I sin there is the worst grief that comes in my heart. I have a heavy grief that I have grieved my Father and that I have grieved the Holy Spirit. But listen to me, my salvation does not depend on whether I sin or didn’t sin. My salvation depends on what Jesus Christ did with my sins on Calvary’s cross.” – Mike Morrow


Be Aware of What You Read

800px-Urval_av_de_bocker_som_har_vunnit_Nordiska_radets_litteraturpris_under_de_50_ar_som_priset_funnits_(3)(Horatius Bonar, “Follow the Lamb” 1861)

“They are more desirable than gold–yes, than much fine gold! Sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them Your servant is warned. In keeping them there is great reward!” Psalm 19:10-11

The Christian has discovered one book truer and more precious than all the rest together. Let the Bible be to us the book of books–the one book in all the world whose every verse is wisdom. In studying it, be sure to take it for what it really is–the revelation of the thoughts of God, given us in the words of God. Knowing that we have divine thoughts embodied in divine words–we sit down to the study of the heavenly volume, assured that we shall find the perfection of wisdom in all of its teachings.

Let us read and re-read the Scriptures–meditating on them day and night.
They never grow old, they never lose their sap, they never run dry.

Though it is right and profitable to read other books, if they are true and good–yet beware of reading too many. Do not let man’s book thrust God’s book into a corner! Do not let commentaries smother the text–nor let the good, shut out the best.

Especially beware of light reading! Shun novels–they are the literary curse of the age! If you are a parent–keep novels out of the way of your children. Neither read them yourself, nor set an example of novel-reading to others. Do not let novels lie on your table, or be seen in your hand. The reading of the light novels of the day, has done deep injury to many:
vitiating their taste,
enervating their minds,
unfitting them for life’s plain work,
eating out their love for the Bible,
teaching them a false morality, and
creating in the soul an unreal standard of truth, and beauty, and love.

Do not be too fond of the newspaper. Extract matter for thought and prayer out of all that you read.

Let your reading be always select–and whatever you read, begin with seeking God’s blessing on it.

But see that your relish for the Bible is above every other enjoyment. The moment you begin to feel greater relish for any other book–lay it down until you have sought deliverance from such a snare, and obtained from the Holy Spirit a more intense relish, and a keener appetite for the Word of God!

“Your words were found, and I ate them. And Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart!” Jeremiah 15:16

When Someone Dies…

Millais_-_Das_Tal_der_Stille“We need not waste our time in finding out the immediate causes of death. The will of God is cause enough. Nor is it difficult for him to bring it to pass. He ‘turns man to destruction’ by a word, (Ps. 90:3). He says, ‘I kill and I make alive,’ (Deut. 32:39. The righteous would not put the keys of death and of hell into other hands. –William S. Plumer “Psalms” p. 845

Food For Poor Devils and Deprecate Worms

Decompasing_manure(Christopher Love, “Hell’s Terror!” 1618-1651)

“Every living thing that moved on the earth perished–birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind!” Genesis7:21

“Then the Lord rained down fire and burning sulfur from the sky on Sodom and Gomorrah. He utterly destroyed them, along with the other cities and villages of the plain–wiping out all the people and every bit of vegetation!” Genesis 19:24-25

“God did not spare angels when they sinned–but sent them to Hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgment!” 2 Peter 2:4

Contemplating the doctrine of Hell, will give a check to many sins of the ungodly.

The destruction of the old world in the universal deluge,
the raining down of fire and burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah,
the damnation of the rebellious angels–
are all examples to the ungodly, to take heed of sinning.

There is nothing in the world which will more check the thoughts of lust–than thoughts of the fire of Hell. If you burn in your lusts on earth–then you will burn in fire in Hell.

Contemplating the doctrine of Hell, will give a check to the sin of gluttony. For the more you pamper your flesh, if you are wicked–you make yourselves but sweeter morsels both for worms and devils! Take heed of gluttony and pampering your flesh!

Contemplating the doctrine of Hell, will give a check to the sin of pride. Paul bids Timothy to take heed of pride–lest he fall into the condemnation of the devils. That is, lest Timothy fall into the sin for which the devils were damned. The devils were cast into chains of darkness only for the sin of pride–therefore take heed of pride! It may bring you to Hell–as well as the devils! Pride cast them into Hell–so it may do to you!

~  ~  ~  ~

He preached his own funeral sermon!
Samuel Davies, powerful 7 minute video!
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Augustine – Suffering for the Righteous and the Unrighteous

96000000000258674_1920x1080.jpgWhen good and bad men suffer alike, they are not, for that reason indistinguishable because what they suffer is similar. The sufferers are different even though the sufferings are the same trials; though what they endure is the same, their virtue and vice are different. For, in the same fire, gold gleams and straw smokes; under the same flail the stalk is crushed and the grain threshed; the lees are not mistaken for oil because they have issued from the same press. So, too, the tide of trouble will test, purify, and improve the good, but beat, crush, and wash away the wicked. So it is that, under the weight of the same affliction, the wicked deny and blaspheme God, and the good pray to Him and praise Him. The difference is not in what people suffer but in the way they suffer. The same shaking that makes fetid water stink makes perfume issue a more pleasant odor.


The City of God, Books I-VII, Volume 8, The Fathers of the Church, ed. Hermigild Dressler, trans. Demetrius B. Zema and Gerald G. Walsh. (Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 1950), 29.

Augustine – Suffering for the Righteous and the Unrighteous

John Wycliffe…The Child of the Devil!

800px-WycliffeYeamesLollards_01John Wycliffe was the first to translate the complete Bible into the English language in the 1380’s.

John Wycliffe wrote the following:

Holy Scripture is the preeminent authority for every Christian, and the rule of faith.
Forasmuch as the Bible contains all that is necessary for salvation–it is necessary for all men, not for priests alone. It alone is the supreme law that is to rule the Church . . . without human traditions and statutes.
Christ and His Apostles taught the people in the language best known to them. Therefore, the doctrine should not only be in Latin but in the common tongue. The laity ought to understand the faith and, as doctrines of our faith are in the Scriptures, believers should have the Scriptures in a language which they fully understand.

The Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury wrote the following:

That pestilent and most wretched John Wycliffe, of damnable memory, a child of the old devil, and himself a child or pupil of Antichrist… crowned his wickedness by translating the Scriptures into the mother tongue!”

N.B. The Roman Catholic Council of Constance declared Wycliffe to be a heretic, and decreed that Wycliffe’s works should be burned. In 1428, under the direction of Pope Martin V–Wycliffe’s corpse was exhumed and burned.

Religion Without Theology

58000000000258198_1920x1080“He who would have religion without theology would build a house without a foundation. The nature of God is the sole, solid ground on which to base our hopes for eternity, or our systems of morality. Let us not curiously pry into the inscrutable things of God. They are high as heaven, what can we know? deeper than hell, what can we do? But we must believe in God.” –William S. Plumer “Psalms” p. 845 (Ps. 90)

Sanctifying Grace

26000000000361288_1920x1080(“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872)

“You shall call His name Jesus–for He shall save His people from their sins!” Matthew 1:21

Jesus! Precious name, how sweet it is! How well it befits Him who bears it–and how glorious is the salvation which He accomplishes!

Misery is the natural consequence of sin. Everything that God enjoins is good–and everything that He forbids is evil. Jesus saves His people from their sins–and so saves them from misery. He died to atone for transgressions. He ever lives to save His people from the power and practice of sin–yes, and eventually from the verypresence of sin.

My soul, let your whole trust be in Jesus, not only for deliverance from guilt and its consequences–but from sin in its manifold workings. You are powerless against your inward corruptions–but Jesus is “mighty to save.” He can subdue your iniquities. Trust Him then, for sanctifying grace, as well as pardoning mercy!

Dwell much on all He did and suffered for you. In His agony in the garden of Gethsemane, and on the cross at Calvary–see something of the exceeding sinfulness of your sins, from which He died to save you.

“He will subdue our iniquities–and cast all our sins into the depths of the sea!” Micah 7:19

 Jesus’ blood, for sinners spilt,
Shows my sin in all its guilt.
Ah, my soul, He bore your load,
You have slain the Lamb of God!

Farewell, world–your gold is dross!
Now I see the bleeding cross!
Jesus died to set me free,
From the law, and sin, and thee!

   ~  ~  ~  ~

God’s tools and instruments!
Thomas Brooks, 7 minute video, SUPERB!
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Both Just and Justifier

Colorful buildings in Burano island street Venice“How God can be just and yet justify the ungodly, how he can condemn sin and yet let the sinner go free, how he can declare and manifest his awful righteousness, and yet be righteous in bestowing life on the guilty, how he can magnify the law and make it honorable, while yet its penalty is not borne by transgressors but by their voluntary substitute, are but a few of the hard problems, which find solution in the cross of Christ. For near a half century I have been hearing and reading good discourses from time to time on this theme, yet it is as fresh and delightful as ever. Oh that I may see into it better before I die, and infinitely better after I die.”  –William S. Plumer “Psalms” (Ps. 85:10 “Lovingkindness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.”) p. 805

If this is happiness–then give me misery!

25000000000252578_1920x1080.jpg(Thomas Sherman, “Divine Breathings; Or, a Pious Soul Thirsting after Christ”)

“There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen, and lived in luxury every day.” Luke 16:19

How apt are many at the sight of a rich worldling–to envy him for what he has.
But, for my part, I rather pity him for what he lacks!
He has money–but he lacks wisdom to use it wisely;
he has a soul–but it lacks grace;
he has the creature–but he lacks the Creator;
he has a mansion–but he lacks Heaven.

In his life, he floats upon a torrent of vanity–which rolls along into an ocean of vexation!

And after death, it will be said of him, “Take this unprofitable servant, bind him hand and foot, and cast him into outer darkness! Consign his soul to the eternal lake of fire and brimstone!”

Where now is the object of your envy?

It is not his gold which can then rescue him,
nor his mansion which can then satisfy him,
nor his friends who can then comfort him.

Therefore, if he is worth the envying–then who can be worth the pitying?

If this is happiness–then give me misery!

Lord, rather make me poor, with a holy heart–than rich, with an evil heart of unbelief!

“Have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue–because I am in agony in this fire!” Luke 16:24

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment–but the righteous to eternal life!” Matthew 25:46