5 comments on “The Only Reason For Being a Christian

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  2. I bought it brand new. It was just over £200. So, not bad. I know I could have got it cheaper, but it was 7 years since I bought one, so I thought why not? It will probably be another 7 years before I buy another. Actually, it was the cheapest one in the shop. Some were over £1,000.

    Anyway, enough of all that. It’s God’s wrath we should concern ourselves with.

    I don’t normally comment on Saturday’s, but such is life.

    Take care and God bless.


    • That’s great. I guess you’re loving Windows 10 eh? Make sure you turn off all the settings that can compromise your privacy. Just Google it and you’ll see what I mean. If you don’t Microsoft will collect everything about you, watch you, listen to you and just plain be a snoop.

      This is a tough weekend for all of us who have been biblically saved. It’s a bitter-sweet sort of thing. My sin put Jesus on my cross, but He died so I could be free to serve Him. Have a good weekend my friend.


  3. ” to regulate our actions from hour by hour.”

    We should do this. If not hour by hour, minute by minute.

    My sister and I were talking today about how their is very little preaching nowadays about hell or repentance. But that doesn’t stop the fact that hell is real, and repentance is necessary.

    By the way, I’m typing on my new laptop. I hadn’t realised you could get them so cheap. I bought it yesterday.

    Take care now.


    • Nice! Yeah, you can certainly get some good deals. Did you buy brand new? I usually go to Craigs List for mine.

      Yeah, true Christianity makes no bones about hell, God’s wrath and man’s command to repent. Modern Christianity has done its utmost to widen the Narrow Way so they don’t seem so offensive. God knows.


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