2 comments on “Living Differently

  1. My life has been difficult these last few months, to say the least. It’s been one thing after the other and I keep wondering how much more do I have to endure? I’ve come to realize just in these last few days, even, that I would gladly give up every last thing I owned just to be rid of the current situation going on in my life. So, your article is v
    ery timely and encouraging. I know God is working on purging me…I just hope this current purging ceases SOON. It’s one of the worst yet. But it is working. šŸ™‚

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    • My dear friend! I could have written what you just wrote, and it would have fit! šŸ™‚

      Yes we are all being purged, stretched, tried and pressed, and (un)fortunately, it will get worse. But look on the bright side, this life is but a wisp compared to glory. This could have been ordained to be our heaven.

      if that doesn’t stiffen us for the journey, nothing will.

      Be strong my dear friend, God has it all planned, organized, choreographed, and He will not let you go for anything.


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