Man Was Made For God…His Heart Was Made For Hell


“The heart of man must have an object unto which it is inclined or whereto it cleaves.  The thoughts and affections of the soul cannot be idle or be without some object on which to place them.   Man was made for God, to be happy in the enjoyment of Him, to find in Him a satisfying portion, and when he apostatized from God he sought satisfaction in the creature.  While the heart of fallen man be devoid of grace it is wholly carried out to the things of time and sense.  As son as he is born, he follows his carnal appetites and for the first few years is governed entirely by his senses.  Sin occupies the throne of his heart, and though conscience may interpose some check, it has no power to incline the soul Godwards, and sin cannot be dethroned by anything but a miracle of grace.  That miracle consists in giving the soul a prevailing and habitual bent Godwards.” –A.W. Pink “Practical Christianity” p. 95


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