Being In Debt

382051_370219423070531_2108733113_n(Charles Spurgeon)

Therefore, brethren, we are debtors!” Romans 8:12

Christian, stop and ponder for a moment, what a debtor you are to divine sovereignty! God could have destroyed you, if He had pleased–it is entirely of His own good pleasure that you are made one of His beloved children, while others are allowed to perish.

Consider, then, how much you owe to His sovereignty! If He had willed it–you would have been among the damned! If He had not willed your salvation–then all you could do would have been utterly powerless to deliver yourself from perdition!

Remember how much you owe to His sovereign love, which tore His own Son from His bosom–that He might die for you! Let the Cross and bloody sweat remind you of your obligation.

Consider how much you owe to His forgiving grace–that after ten thousand affronts, He loves you as infinitely as ever!

Consider what you owe to His power–how He has raised you from your death in sin; how He has preserved your spiritual life; how He has kept you from falling; and how, though a thousand enemies have beset your path–He has upheld you on your way!

Consider what you owe to His immutability. Though you have changed a thousand times–He has not changed once. Though you have shifted your intentions–yet He has not once swerved from His eternal purpose, but still has held you fast.

Christian, consider that you are as deep in debt as you can be to every attribute of God. To God you owe yourself, and all that you have! “Brethren, we are debtors!”

   ~  ~  ~  ~

“Election!” by Charles Spurgeon, 60 minutes
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