4 comments on “Do Not Expect a Smooth and Easy Path…A.W. Pink

  1. Hi Paul,

    I liked this, “Remember one thing, anyone who criticizes you for being unloving, intolerant or whatever, is accusing the Holy Spirit of the same! God will deal with them as He sees fit.” I also thought that about some who say I am not a ‘Christian’ for reasons based on their ignorance, isn’t it blasphemous to deny the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit within the elect of God?

    Yes, mankind will fight against God until the day they stand before Him in judgment- that is the picture of absolute wickedness is it not?



    • Yep! Just like Pharaoh…we read the account of his obstinance before God but then we read in Romans 9 where God hardened his heart in order to show His glory through his destruction and we realize that it’s God’s ultimate decision whether a person is saved or damned.

      This is scary for the world and turns them away offended. But to the saved, it is wonderful and comforting. No matter the trials, no matter the persecution, no matter how the world or even the church rails on us, we stand firm, calm and confident in this truth.

      I have been asked what would happen if I was tortured for my faith. Would I eventually give it up under such pressure? I told them, I can’t give it up. It’s not mine to do so. God gave it and will never takeaway that beautiful gift of salvation. Nothing I could ever do could cause Him to turn His hand away from me. That’s comfort!

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  2. It’s good to see this posted Paul. I was reading from Pink’s ‘studies in the scriptures’ from 1926 and wanted to share some of that with you…

    In the year 1563 by the order of the Pope, there was a council held at Trent. And Rome then and there defined her theological position on the points that had been made by the Reformers, and one of their decrees read thus [now the decrees of the Council of Trent are their standard today on controverted points], “If anyone shall affirm that since the fall of Adam man’s free will is lost, let him be accursed”. I want to read that again, what I am reading now is Roman Catholic Doctrine according to their own standards the decrees of the Council of Trent 1563, “If anyone shall affirm that since the fall of Adam man’s free will is lost, let him be accursed”. So that those who insist on man’s free will place themselves side by side with Rome on that doctrine! That is Romanism, and it only goes to show how terribly Protestantism is honeycombed by Rome. It only goes to show how the leaven of Romanism has been working in the meal of Protestantism.

    There is nothing Rome hates so much as the doctrines of Calvinism that makes nothing of man and everything of God’s grace. The sad, sad thing is that today a generation has grown up in Protestantism that is as ignorant as Hottentots are concerning the original controversy between Rome and the Protestants. I make so bold as to say that every Sunday School that is represented here tonight either by a pastor or a superintendent or a teacher ought to make it their business to see that they have a small library in your Sunday School, and in that library you ought to have Foxe’s book of Martyrs and other books which give the history of what Rome did in the dark ages and what she would do now if she were in power. The young people of this generation ought to be instructed and not allowed to remain in the ignorance they are in today.

    There is far more Romanism in Protestantism today than most of us are aware of. There is far more Romanistic doctrine being preached from Protestant pulpits than most of us are aware of. God does have an elect people, a people He has chosen to be His own; and chose them before the foundation of the world, and chose them because it pleased Him. As to why God should have singled out the ones that He has and left the others in their sins is something beyond the finite mind of man to fully grasp. That is freely admitted, but the fact of the doctrine of election is mysterious is no reason why it should be rejected.

    There are those who say God has elected certain ones because He foreknew that they would believe. No man can believe until God gives him faith. Well, you say faith and believing are the same thing. No, you need to go back to school again and parse if you say that. Faith is a noun and believing is a verb, which is it that expresses action? Do nouns express action or verbs? Now listen, sight is God’s gift, seeing is the use of the gift. Breath, the noun, is God’s gift; breathing, the verb, is the use of the gift. The moment God takes my breath away from me, I cannot breathe. The moment God takes my sight from me I can no longer see. Faith is God’s gift, believing is my use of the gift. No man can believe until God has given him faith {Eph. 2:8-9}.

    How we could use more like Pink in our day…

    blessings to you and yours,

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    • Hi Lyn, thank you for the comment. That’s a mouthful for sure! It’s nice to receive comments for a change that have something intelligent to say, rather than the typical poison that I delete almost on a daily basis.

      Mark 3
      Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:
      29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:
      30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

      Remember one thing, anyone who criticizes you for being unloving, intolerant or whatever, is accusing the Holy Spirit of the same! God will deal with them as He sees fit.

      It’s funny…humanly speaking people like being led. I learned this in sales and in my family as well. People need a leader or they will fall into anarchy. If a nuclear war broke out and everything was destroyed and we, as a people were thrown into disarray, it wouldn’t take long before the natural leaders among us would step up and take charge.

      We all know this. BUT…when it comes to Christianity, and the Lordship of Christ Jesus, that all gets flushed down the drain. All of the sudden, we are our own boss. We run our own lives. We are in control. It’s fascinating in one way to watch. You will have men dying of cancer and laying on their deathbed, and will grit their teeth and absolutely refuse to bow to the sovereignty of God and go into their damnation.

      It seems there is a built in stubbornness in humanity to resist the call of God. And of course, this is God’s doing. We read about this in Romans 9.

      God has pre-programmed certain humans for salvation and the others, He has programmed so that they never see the truth. That is scary!

      To sit here writing this to you, knowing that God in His PLEASURE determined before the foundations of the world were laid to save me, is mind boggling!

      Man seems to be resistant to this truth, and thus, will never enjoy the comfort of it. To be directed and moved according to His good pleasure brings me vast amounts of joy and comfort. To know that I am constantly in His able hands and will never be dropped is so amazing, it brings tears to my eyes. Yes, it means many trials and tests will come my way, but compare those tests to the alternative of hell? Romans 1 tells us that God has abandoned those who will never be saved. Imagine being abandoned? How scary!

      But mankind will continue to clench his fists and jut his jaw out and walk straight into the furnace of judgment and never for one second consider his ways before a sovereign God. It’s got nothing to do with free will either, it’s all God. It’s His pleasure to save some and damn others and there’s not one thing man can do about it.

      Comforting for us, but horrifyingly scary for the rest.

      Blessing dear friend, thanks for your input.


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