The Divine Government…Will Always Overpower Human Governments

800px-bm_aes_egyptian_sulpture_-_colossal_bust_of_ramesses_ii_the_younger_memnon_1250_bc_room_4“The history of the Egyptians furnishes several illustrations of that great principle of the divine government, punishment in kind.  They had long practised horrid cruelties against little children.  Now all their own first-born perish in a night, Hebrews 11:28.  They were particularly fond of drowning people.  So the waters of the Red sea overwhelmed their king, their captains and all their host.  Let the wanton and the cruel never forget that Jehovah is the sovereign Lord of all instruments and all causes, and can easily take vengeance in a way that shall terribly remind them of their own wickedness.  ‘God orders punishment according to sin.’ ”  –WIlliam S. Plumer “Hebrews” p. 478


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