The Great Doctrine of Mediatorship of Jesus

swiebodzin_pomnik_chrystusa_krolaaw58“It mightily concerns us to understand the great doctrine of the mediatorship of Jesus Christ [Hebrews 9:15].  In it is the life of our souls.  By nature we are opposed to God and at war with him.  Most justly therefore is God against us with all the power and glory of his nature.  The breach betwixt God and us could be made up by no creature.  The Son of God undertook our cause.  He was by nature equal with God.  By taking our nature he became equal with man, yet without sinful infirmities.  Thus he could lay his hand both upon God and man.  He could meet all the demands of justice, and yet show mercy to the guilty, and pity to the lost.”  –William S. Plumer “Hebrews” p. 377


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