The Formula to Defeating the Devil!

the_wreck_by_knud-andreassen_baade_c-1835James 4.7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

How can one have the devil flee from them? In other words, how can you give the devil the boot? By confessing a bunch of “faith inspired mantras”? By listening to Joel’s CD’s on Spiritual Victory?

No. You will only obtain victory over the devil by submitting to God. What does it mean to submit? Surrender to His ways, His plans and His purposes. In other words, submitting to His sovereignty.

Let’s look at this one more time now and reverse the order. The devil will flee from you if you resist him and you resist him by surrendering to the sovereignty of God.

Simple? No. Not as far as the devil is concerned and especially not as far as your flesh man is concerned.

But necessary and vital to the Christian walk and to salvation in general. The entire Christian life revolves around the sovereignty of God. From salvation, to maturing in Him, to spiritual victory over the enemy…it all hinges on the sovereignty of God.

How does one surrender to the sovereignty of God? That one must be saved in order to have the Holy Spirit empower him to do so. Otherwise, an unregenerate sinner cannot surrender to anything, let alone God.

If you want freedom from the enemy’s attacks, if you want to stifle and starve the sin man and if you want to be able to spend time with God and not have those pesky sins and habits gnawing at you…you must surrender to God through prayer and Bible study.

This is how you spend time with God. Not listening prayer, not meditation, not through confessions and mantras…only through submitting to the truth and power of His Holy Writ.


2 thoughts on “The Formula to Defeating the Devil!

  1. doreen 23 Sep 2016 / 7:26 AM

    True enough word. The more we submit, the stronger we will be.

    As Moses was the meekest man who walked the earth, Numbers 12:3, so we too need to be humble and submit to God.

    God bless.


    • Paul 23 Sep 2016 / 7:29 AM

      It certainly does take humility, doesn’t it? One can’t submit unless he is humble and that humility comes straight from the Holy Spirit. The more we delve into this, the more we realize that it is all God, isn’t it?

      From submitting, to humility to the enemy fleeing…it’s all God’s doing.


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