A Law Unto Himself

Berlin, Luthertag


“A second truth about the unbeliever is that he is not subject to the law of God; he hates the law of God. The world is demonstrating that today. It hates even the very notion of the law; it hates discipline, and what it describes as freedom is nothing but license. Man by nature, and in sin, wants to be a law unto himself, he wants to do what he likes to do, what pleases him, what takes his fancy at the moment; and he objects to every suggestion of law and discipline and government and order.”  –D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones “Romans 8:5-17” p. 43


2 Replies to “A Law Unto Himself”

    1. Yep! What’s interesting is the word ‘license’ comes from the word licentiousness. Those who buck against the holiness of God are not free from His “restraints”, but slaves to another.


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