Because He Is Good

Auguste_Vaillant_execution“…God will not acquit the wicked, because he is good.  What! Doth goodness demand that sinners shall be punished?  It doth.  The Judge must condemn the murderer, because he loves his nation. ‘I can not let you go free; I can not, and I must not; you would slay others, who belong to this fair commonwealth, if I were to let you go free; no, I must condemn you from the very loveliness of my nature.’  The kindness of a king demands the punishment of those who are guilty. It is not wrathful in the legislature to make severe laws against great sinners; it is but love toward the rest that sin should be restrained.”  –Charles H. Spurgeon “Spurgeon’s Sermons” Vol. 3, p. 371


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