Every Sin Has to be Slaughtered

Reformation Pratum

Any pretense of friendship with iniquity is mischievous. If you are a friend of sin, you are not a friend of God. All sorts of sins are our enemies and we are to hate them with our whole soul. If you can say of any sin, “I do not hate it,” then you may gravely question whether you were ever born again.

One of the marks of a child of God is that, although he sins, he does not ‘love’ sin. He may ‘fall’ into sin but he is like a sheep which, if it tumbles into the mud, is quickly up again; for it hates the mire. The sow wallows where the sheep is distressed. Now we are not the swine that love the slough, though we are as sheep that sometimes slip with their feet.

What a misery sin is to us! Every sin hates us and we…

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