All Things Possible with God

Great reminder.

Amazing Grace


The omnipotence of Jehovah is ruled by His wisdom and holiness, His justice and love. He can do everything consistent with those attributes — but nothing contrary to them. God’s omnipotence is altogether on the believer’s side. All that God consistently can do — He will do for His people. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. He can make us contented in the most trying circumstances — and happy in the deepest affliction. He can so bring down our minds to our condition — that we shall glory in tribulation; and in the midst of fiery persecution, triumph in Christ. He can turn darkness into light, and bitter into sweet; and bring the richest joy out of the deepest sorrow. The omnipotent God is your God! His omnipotence is engaged for you! And in consequence, all things are possible to you, through believing.

Do not dwell on your own…

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One thought on “All Things Possible with God

  1. praymillennials 9 Jul 2016 / 12:47 PM

    More than ever, believers must know and embrace Omnipotent God as our All in All. All Power is in His hands because God is all-powerful. The Power of God prevails…not politics or economic prosperity.

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