America’s new state religion: California bill threatens existence of Christian higher education

Very sobering article, and it needs to get out there.

jesaja 66:2



Once a society starts stripping its citizens of their essential freedoms, including religious liberty, it cannot long survive as a free society.

“America, we are warned, is on the verge of adopting a new state religion, and that state religion with the focal point being the state of California is a new form of liberal secularism. This “incipient state religion,” warns Joel Kotkin, is particularly and threateningly represented by a specific piece of legislation, now pending in the California General Assembly. Known as Senate Bill 1146, this particular bill, if adopted, would virtually eliminate the possibility of Christian higher education in that state” (Al Mohler,

‘There is a bill in the California assembly numbered SB1146.  It could potentially be very bad for California Christian Colleges and Universities. The advocates of the bill claim it as a non-discrimination policy, but it…

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