Deliverance Will Come


It often happens that our state is so perplexed, and our affairs so entangled, that we need not merely a deliverance, but deliverances; not merely salvation, but salvations.  All this is graciously promised.

When God commands deliverance, it shall surely come.  ‘Where the word of the king is, there is power.’  He made the world by his word.  He commanded and it stood fast.  Nothing costs God labor.  He has all power, all causes, all means, all agents, all results under his control.

God helping us, we can do anything, overcome any enemies, resist any assaults, vanquish any legions; for it is God that breaks the shield, the sword and the battle.  Every genuine child of God achieves victories more worthy of celebration than that of David over the lion, the bear and the giant.”

–William S. Plumer “Studies in the Book of Psalms” p. 511 (Psalm 44).  (Banner of Truth)


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