A Call To Sinners

wpid-wp-13983608739581“…it is only by the grace and power of God that sinners are able to accept the [gospel] invitation and along with it the salvation held out to them by God…  Here in Matt. 9:13 the glorious purpose of Christ’s incarnation and mission receives beautiful expression.  The passage makes clear that not to those who consider themselves worthy but rather to those who are in desperate need the invitation to salvation, full and free, is extended. It was sinners, the lost, the straying, the beggars, the burdened ones, the hungry and thirsty, whom Jesus came to save.  This is in line with all of special revelation, both the Old Testament and the New.  It is a message full of comfort and ‘relevant’ to every age!”  –William Hendricksen “Matthew” (Banner of Truth) pp. 425-426



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