2 comments on “Once Saved Always Saved?

  1. Thank you. I’m a reformed Christian. I recently listened to a message on deception by Zac poonan. He said you can lose your salvation in the message and really presented a works salvation with no grace but will power of the believer. I’m not moved by his or anyone’s teaching of such. Thank you for encouraging me with what I know is true of Christ and his saving sinners like me for himself.


    • It’s a shame that we can have a preacher who is good in many things but lose it in such important areas. If we can lose our salvation, then our sin and rebellion are more powerful than Christ’s sacrifice. Can we undo what God has done? Many think so. It boils down to man wanting to control his destiny. Man will cling to this lie right into hell because of his innate desire to worship self.

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are encouraged and challenged by my articles.


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