Advice for the Pilgrim


“The Christian life is a pilgrimage.  (Heb. 4:1).  The figure here is not of a race as some suppose, but of a journey through the wilderness.  To bring that pilgrimage to a happy end, take these directions:
A.  When the pillar of cloud stands still, stand thou still; when it moves, move thou.  Eye God’s providence in all things.
B.  Obey your leader.  Whenever Israel rejected the word of God sent them by Moses, it was ill with them.
C.  Look forward, not backward–to Canaan, not to Egypt.  Remember Lot’s wife.  Remember those who fell in the wildersness,
D.  Be intent upon your work and your journey.  Be not slothful.
E.  Beware of unholy alliances. Heathenish men and heathnish thoughts will pour in like a flood.  Resist them.
F.  Encumber not yourself with needless worldly goods.  They will but prove impediments.
G.  Be of good courage. Cowardice is a great foe to progress.  It kept Israel wandering forty years, when forty days should have been enough for their journey.
H.  Never flag till you reach the promised land and have your inheritance among the redeemed.
I.  Guard continually against every form and degree of unbelief.  Take God at his word.  Distrust yourself ever so much.  Distrust God not at all.

–William S. Plumer “Hebrews” p. 162


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