Christ Paid It All


Christ Paid It All

Christ paid it all upon the tree

For His Elect for eternity

There’s nothing you or I can do or nothing you or I can say

To diminish His Love for His people when His life down He did lay

Try putting them in a box of don’ts and do’s

But Christ said the work is already through

Eliminating the elect sinner from the grace of Jesus

Is like saying His blood is not efficacious

Stop playing God and judging a person’s election

The foundation of God standeth sure He’s the One who made the selection

If one confesses that Christ has predestinated them and died for their sins

Who are we to question if they have been born again?

As many as are ordained to eternal life will believe

And if you believe the Bible this doctrine you will receive

Give God the glory to whom it is due

Because the completed work of predestination and redemption is from Him not me or you!


Thanks Larry!


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