Contentment From Understanding God’s Providence

25000000000242490_1920x1080True contentment comes from understanding and submitting to the ultimate sovereignty of God!

“Not only that God by his providence rules the world, and governs all things in general, but that it reaches to every detail; not only to order the great affairs of kingdoms, but it reaches to every man’s family; it reaches to every person in the family; it reaches to every condition; yea, to every happening, to everything that falls out concerning you in every particular:  not one hair falls from your head, not a sparrow to the ground, without the providence of God.  Nothing befalls you, good or evil, but there is a providence of the infinite first Being in that thing…this is from God, and is a great help to contentment.”  Jeremiah Burroughs “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” (Banner of Truth Puritan Paperbacks) p. 111-112


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