Make Diaries of God’s Dealings

images“And let us, as it were, make diaries of God’s dealing to us.  This is to be acquainted with God, as Job speaks, Job 22:21; this is to walk with God, to observe, his steps to us, and ours to him.  It is a thing that will wondrously strengthen our faith, especially in old years, in gray hairs.  What a comfortable thing it is when an aged man can look back to the former part of his life, and can reckon how God hath given him his life again and again!  how God hath comforted him in distress!  how God hath raised him up in the midst of perplexity, when he knew not which way to turn him, how God comforted him when he was disconsolate!  All these meeting together, in our last conflict, when all comfort will be little enough, what a comfort will it be!”  –Richard Sibbes “Works” Vol. 3 p. 174


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