Doubt Your Own Strength, But Never Doubt Christ’s

Castle_Nahavend_by_Eugène_FlandinSatan’s conquests are limited to ignorant, graceless souls who have neither strength nor sense to oppose him. They are born imprisoned in sin; all he has to do is keep them there. But when he assaults a saint, whose freedom was won at the Cross, once for all, then he is laying siege to a city with gates and bars. Sooner or later, he must retreat in shame, unable to pluck the weakest saint out of the out of the Saviour’s hand. Doubt your own strength; but never doubt Christ’s. In your gravest conflicts with Satan, trust him to bring you out of the devil’s dominion with a high hand, in spite of all the fury and force of hell.

~’The Christian in Complete Armour’ (I:64-65)


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