The Christian is Protected

800px-Ark_fortress_in_Bukhara“A sound Christian, take him in all references of time, he is a happy man.  If he look back, God hath delivered him from Satan, from hell and damnation, and many dangers.  If he look to the present, he is compassed about with a guard of angels, and with the providence of God.

God doth deliver him.

He hath a guard about him that cannot be seen but with the eye of faith.  The devil sees it well enough, as we see in Job, ‘Thou hast hedged him about,’ Job 1:10.  How can I come to him?  He looked about to see if he could come into Job, to see if the hedge had any breach, but there was none.  God’s providence compassed him about.  God hath and doth deliver.  And if he look to the time to come he will deliver, he seeth that ‘neither things present, nor things to come, shall be able to separate him from the love of God,” Romans 8:38.”  — Richard Sibbes, “Works” Vol. 3 p. 177


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