Bitter Waters, Sweet Lord

800px-Jollain_The_Water_of_Marah“I do not know but what it will become sometimes to the Christian a subject of joy that Marah is bitter.  For suppose Marah had been sweet, then Moses had not prayed to God, and then the tree had not been cut down, and they had never known the power of God to sweeten bitter waters.  It must be an awful thing to live an unafflicted life on earth.  You say it must be a very delightful thing.  I have no doubt it may be from some aspects; but a person who has had no sickness, how can he have a sympathetic heart?  What service can he render in cheering the people of God?  If you never had any trials, I should suppose, unless something very extraordinary happened, that you would become harsh and untender; I am afraid some would grow brutal, coarse, hard of heart.  Who wishes, where others have to suffer, to claim an immunity from a blessing which brings rich consolations with it, and works eternal benefits?  Beloved, this is ever one thing that sweetens Marah that it afterwards bringeth forth the comfortable fruits of righteousness.” –Charles H. Spurgeon sermon “Marah; or Bitter Waters Sweetened”  Vol. 9 “Spurgeon’s Sermons” p. 396


2 thoughts on “Bitter Waters, Sweet Lord

  1. doreen 8 Feb 2016 / 12:16 PM

    A well thought out sermon quote. If there is no suffering, how can there be healing?

    God bless


    • thegospelvideoblog 8 Feb 2016 / 3:53 PM

      When does a cut hurt the worst? When it’s healing. When do we build muscle? When they are put under stress. When is a baby born? When Mom undergoes pain that is almost unimaginable.

      Without pain and suffering, we can never understand happiness. If there is no shadows, we cannot appreciate the light. This is a major principle in painting. Playing light against dark. When I paint, I start off with a blank, white canvas. I kid with my children sometimes, and tell them it’s a white cat caught in a snow-storm. 🙂


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