Ulterior Motives


To many times people think that “getting right with God” means living one’s life and then just before they die, they get right.

Is God a parachute that man puts on to save himself from death and destruction? Or is He something else?

God, the God of the Bible that is, is not an escape hatch, or a reset button or a life insurance policy. God is the Judge, jury and executioner that stands at the ready to receive you upon your death.

God has decreed laws, commandments, or rules, if you will, life for man to live by. He demands sinful man to get right with Him now, not in time, not when he has had a career, not when he has made enough money…no, NOW!

This is the problem with religion in particular. It thinks that man can live his life and try to be good, but at the end of the game, if he “gets right” with God, everything will be okay. My father believes this. No matter how many times, I have spoken to him, he believes that if he lives a “good” life, he will have nothing to fear on That Day. He says, ‘God will sort it all out’.

Really? What does the Bible say about it? We are told all through the New Testament that we are to repent of our wickedness, turn from it and serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all our might. We are told that at the end of our lives, when we stand before the Great Judgment Seat of Christ, we will give account of our lives, works and motives. Once that last breath is breathed, it’s over. There’s no reset button, no starting over, there’s no second chances to get it right. You will not be able to defend yourself and plead ignorance and get another chance to do it all right. Once your life is spent, that’s it. Then comes the Judgment.

Taking this truth into account, what will you do with it? Will you continue to live your life in your feigned ignorance? Or will you change?

To get right with God means it all changes. Your life, your motives, your desires, your past, present and future. Nothing remains the same for you. Yes, you still have that sin man following you around like some sort of insidious shadow, but he will no longer have the power to force you into sin. Your whole mindset changes. You want to serve God. You want to live for Him and if so, even die for Him. You no longer live for yourself, but for God and His glory.

‘Getting right’ with God means the entire course of your life changes to reflect Him and His desires and motives. It doesn’t mean that when your conscience gets the better of you, you go to church and shake some hands and pray and sing a bit until you feel better. This is nothing more than works, and those works are steeped in selfishness and will only add to the fire of your judgment.

Getting right with God is a life-changing event that will strip you, break you, crush you, and destroy you, leaving nothing left but ashes. And through those ashes, God will start building His temple. Brick by brick, inch by inch, you will be built, conformed, stretched, molded and made into the man that brings Him the glory He deserves. You will in fact reflect Christ Jesus at the end of the process. This is salvation. ParachuteTwist2


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