You’re Never Bad Enough!


“Jesus is able to pardon and save the very chief of sinners  He can deliver the most guilty conscience from all its burdens, and give it perfect peace with God. He can wash away the vilest stains of wickedness, and make a man whiter than snow in the sight of God.  He can clothe a poor weak child of Adam in everlasting righteousness, and give him a title to heaven that can never be overthrown.  In a word, He can give any one of us peace, hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation with God, if we will only trust in Him.  ‘The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin.’ (I John 1:7)”  –J.C. Ryle “Practical Religion” p. 340-341



2 thoughts on “You’re Never Bad Enough!

  1. His blood does cleanse from all sin. Glory to God.

    By the way, you’ve had the same wallpaper for almost 4 days now.

    Time for a change.


    • Isn’t it wonderful to know that the blood of Christ cannot be outdone by any of our sin? Thank God for His love and grace.

      BTW…as soon as a new theme appears, I’ll show you! Hehehe….


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