Ulterior Motives

To many times people think that “getting right with God” means living one’s life and then just before they die, they get right. Is God a parachute that man puts on to save himself from death and destruction? Or is He something else? God, the God of the Bible that is, is not an escape […]

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Jesus Is Able to Preserve

“Jesus is able to preserve to the end all who believe in Him, and become His disciples. He can give them grace to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil, and fight a good fight at the last.  He can lead them on safely in spite of every temptation, carry them home through a […]

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Jesus is Able To Save!

“Jesus is able to convert the hardest of hearts, and create in man a new spirit. He can take the most thoughtless and ungodly people, and give them another mind by the Holy Ghost which He puts in them.  He can cause old things to pass away, and all things to become new.  He can […]

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Oh That Rugged Cross

Why is the cross of Christ so important? Only when a human being is saved and realizes how close he came to an eternity of hell, damnation and wrath, does he embrace the beauty of the cross. He knows that it was only through the grace of God, he was saved. He cries tears of […]

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You’re Never Bad Enough!

“Jesus is able to pardon and save the very chief of sinners  He can deliver the most guilty conscience from all its burdens, and give it perfect peace with God. He can wash away the vilest stains of wickedness, and make a man whiter than snow in the sight of God.  He can clothe a […]

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